I woke up this morning with the acute sense that I could not let my mind go to the place of discouragement, but that my thoughts must be thoughts of faith. Not positive or negative, but faith.

The times are so intense that if I begin to think discouraging thoughts, thoughts of hopelessness, thoughts on numbering my troubles or thoughts of contemplating how I can make it or continue, then my whole being begins to tank quickly.  I get physically tired, depressed, tears spring to my eyes.  It’s a weight.

But that luxury of letting my mind go there no longer exists.  I must choose to think thoughts of faith.  I don’t have the physical or emotional strength to go down or stay in a gray or dark place.  Those things require a physical and emotional energy I do not have.

So today I stayed in bed extra when I woke up, thinking the things of God.  Being thankful.  Reciting Scriptures.  Arresting my thoughts.

The times are short.

My strength is small.

O my heart, let faith arise.

Because hope is my only anchor.