A few years ago we went to the Ark Encounter and walked through a replica of the ark.  It was huge and impressive to see that it indeed was all possible.  What I remember though is the animals.  Because of the parentage of the species, all animals and all species were able to be on the ark.

But how did Noah get them on the ark?  Didn’t they run from him?

Today I was reading in Genesis 9.   And while I knew that prior to the flood mankind were plant-based eaters and not meat-based.  I had overlooked verse 2 that says that it appears that the animals were not afraid of man until after the flood.  That was the time when God allowed the eating of meat, as long as its blood had been cooked out.  And it was not just a casual eating of meat as the Lord would demand an accounting for every animal (The Native Americans are spot on in their treatment of animals and using every part).

But the bottom line is that getting the animals into the ark might not have seemed like a daunting task as imagined, if the animal kingdom was friendly with the human kingdom.  Although it was still daunting.

We owe our lives to Noah.  So does the animal kingdom.  He was one man standing righteously, even preaching righteousness in a hostile world where no one listened.  And when God asked him to do something so impossible, so beyond imagination, he started with one step at a time.  Pretty inspiring and amazing.