I have never owned a Tv.  But I’ve been around many others who have Tv so it is as if I’ve owned one as people watch it continuously.  And the last number of years I’ve cared for my mother who has a Tv in her house.

Lately though we switched to internet Tv (Roku) to save money.  And from that point on I lost all interest in Tv.  In lower internet it just isn’t pleasant as the resolution is low.  So overnight, Tv watching stopped.

So did I miss it?

Surprisingly, almost not at all.  I had one or two times that I wanted to watch something but other than that, nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  And the one show finale I did want to see, I was at my brother’s house when it aired.  It was a coincidence or a heavenly kindness, the latter I’m sure.

And now without Tv I’ve been so busy I wonder how I had time to ever watch anything.  I’ve been cooking, canning the garden produce, working on much needed projects, and so much more.  So much more.

Add to that there’s more peace in my spirit.  Instead of watching news for 1/2 hour and seeing pretty much the same thing over and over and over, I just go to the internet and catch the headlines.  It’s much better for the spirit.

I’m also not irritated when I’m interrupted.  I’m one of those that gets into what I’m watching and my brain can’t handle interruptions.  Without that, life is better.

When I left internet for a bit, I struggled a lot.  Yes, things were better.  But I missed the internet.  A true addiction and at the same time, it has now become a necessity for all we do–banking, shopping, news, etc..

But definitely, without question, life is better without Tv.  Much, much, much better.  I just don’t even miss it.

I hope I never go back.