Sometimes when I stop and ponder the Scriptures, I see more to unravel.  For example, these words:

“Jesus himself had pointed out that prophet has no honor in his own country…”

and then immediately following:

“When he arrived in Galilee, the Galileans welcomed him”


These two statements seem contradictory.  A prophet has no honor.  But when he was back in his homestate/province/territory, they welcomed him.  ??

I can’t say I get it.  Other than it was a non-Jew from Capernaum that sought the miracle.  And that hometown people welcomed him…because they wanted to see a miracle.  Although their favorable attitude didn’t last long.

What Jesus speaks is true–you hardly get any honor in your own town.  People still see you as “little Johnny,” or “little Annie.”  It’s hard for people to make the transition.   Which as Jesus states, they typically don’t.

They welcomed here because they had seen “all that he did in Jerusalem at the Passover Feast” and they wanted him to perform the same show locally.  Only it wasn’t a show.  And Jesus’ ministry wasn’t about their entertainment.

At one point Jesus wasn’t able to do miracles in his own hometown because of unbelief (Mk 6:5).  I believe it’s because when you don’t believe, you don’t take the sick and demonized to “Dr. Jesus” for healing.  It wasn’t that he was incapable or had less power.

So today I’ve been ruminating on these truths.  It’s good to keep in perspective.  Don’t let others perceptions of you define you, especially those of your home area.  We must be the people God has called us to be.  Even in the context of unbelief.