For the longest time mockery wasn’t really much on my radar in the sin department.  Not until about 10 years ago when a fellow brother in Christ who was leading a college group warned the students to be careful in becoming mockers.  From then on I began to open my eyes.

“Do not sit in the seat of mockers” (Ps 1:1)

I have seen mockers in the media and in the body of Christ.  I see mockers in cartoons and in parodies.  Mockery is running wild.  And there’s one thing I’ve learned since observing mockery:

Mockery and murder run together.

Murder can look different, as it’s not always the destruction of a physical body.  Most often I see mockery murder reputations.  And subsequently kill off relationships far and wide.

It doesn’t take too much probing to see that most of the violence in schools is from a kid who has been mocked.

It doesn’t take too much watching tv to find mockery on mainstream media that ruins lives and careers.

It doesn’t take too much of our joking to find mockery in our mouths during presidential elections towards the candidate we don’t like.

Make no mistake.  Mockery is dangerous.

It may be acceptable.  It may be funny.  But it utterly destructive.

We must beware.

“Now stop your mocking, or your chains will become heavier” God said to Israel (Is 28:22)

“Do not sit in the seat of mockers” (Ps 1:1) we are all advised.