Chapter 17 and 18.  Review time.  While I was able to review 3/4 of chapter 17, I didn’t get to 18.  Distraction is a serious issue.  Olympics.  School.  Work.  Want to Chill.  Etc…  Not what I want.  A lot of this is training of a different kind, not just about the Scriptures themselves.  It’s training my priorities, and right now I’m no Olympian.  It’s also training in perseverance and in discipline.

I’m still wrestling with the broad or deep question.  I feel like I’m not getting as much as I could if I went deep, but I also now I would miss out if I didn’t go broad as well.  What to do?  Still gonna stick to the original course of broad, then deep.  Partly because I think Scriptures go deep when we experience them, and most of the time those experiences are yet to come.

What I mean is that we may have memorized Psalm 23 as a kid and had little awareness beyond a superficial meaning, but as life carries us through it’s inevitable highs and lows, this Scripture rooted in our memories is brought fourth and bears life.  But had not those Scriptures been planted in our hearts, they wouldn’t have had opportunity to impact, support, and encourage us on in the way they would later in life.  Even if our understanding is only at a rudimentary level, the nature of their presence in our minds and hearts positions them to be rooted more deeply in our hearts with later experience.