The Wise and Foolish Builders – Mt 7:24-27

I remember a missionary telling me about a time when he used this teaching.  He was sitting in a hut with some of the other village men.  The man’s house he was in had a picture of a scantily clad woman on his wall.  “I’d love to marry her someday,” said his host as he looked after her admiringly.

“Not me,” said the missionary.  The village men were shocked and stared at him in disbelief.

“Well, just look at her,” said the missionary.  “Do you think she would know how to pick out good mushrooms that weren’t poisonous?” (Mushrooms are a staple food in this village.)   The village men laughed and said no.

“And do you think she would work hard in the rice field and make a nice home?”  No, they agreed, smiling.

“You see, that woman is like the underwater current control that they built over at the river.  The original one that stood out of the river was fancy and made everyone proud, but it broke down quickly and the river flooded.  But the other one was built underwater with firm concrete.  It is invisible, not fancy and has stood the test of time.  That’s like these woman.  They may not look like the woman in the poster, but they are actually the better choice.”

“Wow!” the men said.  “We’ve never heard anything like this?  Where did you get this kind of teaching?

Then the missionary proceeded to tell him about “the book”

A very cool, very true story.  Thanks A.B.


Matt 7:15-29   (01-01-10)