We’re only up to chapter 3 and it’s amazing how many Scriptures have been fulfilled.

  1. He was born in the lineage of David and Abraham
  2. Jesus was born of a virgin
  3. He was born in Bethlehem
  4. He came “out of Egypt”
  5. Tragedy occurred which Jeremiah predicted
  6. He would be called a Nazarene
  7. John the Baptist came to prepare his way

I wondered what it would be like after Jesus had died and they were reading back through the patriarchs and the prophets.  I just can imagine them saying, “Oo!  There’s another one!  Look at that!  That’s fulfilled.  You remember how he that happened?  Oh!  There’s another one.”  It must have been so exciting.  I’m sure they couldn’t have predicted how the Christ was to be born in Bethlehem, but to come out of Egypt and yet be called a Nazarene.  This was not a mobile society.  But here were all these Scriptures.  I bet it was amazingly fun to see–finally, he really IS the Messiah.

Mt. 2:19-3:12   (12/18)
Mt. 3:13-4:11   (12/20)