Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard

I think in this section I was thinking of the spirit of “mockery.”  It says Jesus was to be “mocked and flogged and crucified.”  We think mockery is something small, but yet it holds company here with flogging and crucifixion.  Obviously there is a climactic development, but at the end of the day, mockery hurts.

It seems to that there’s a rise of a spirit of mockery in our culture.  Things that were once holy are now the objects of scorn, joking, and well, mockery.  I believe this spirit is deadly and destructive.  And it can easily creep into our minds and hearts, especially against authority.  We would do well to guard against it.

Memorized the rest of 20:1-16 (Mar 5)
After many days of slogging it out a few verses at a time, I finally finished this section.  Yowsers!  I hopefully will get back into a more regular rhythm.  I lost my cadence for awhile.