There have been a lot of songs written about Peter’s desire to stay “on the mountaintop” but needing to “go to the valley below.”  (I hear Amy Grant right now).  But what I think is significant about these verses is what the Lord says.  It wasn’t just that he was proud of his Son, which he was, but he validated His Son and what His Son was doing, then he gave the command, “Listen to him!”  That command was for the disciples and for everyone who has ever read this verse.  Perhaps the Lord needed to reemphasize this much like a parent has to tell their child, “listen to me!”   Because inherent in listening is responding, and in this case that response is an obedient listening.   (Although I’m still not sure the disciples got it.  While he was telling them he was going to suffer and die, they were just then linking that the “Elijah” to come was actually John the Baptist–must have been frustrating for Jesus).

Memorized:  Matthew 17:1-13 (Feb 18)

NOTE:  I’m really getting challenged lately!  My schedule is craziness and it’s getting tough.  But like we are learning in marathon training, “it’s not about moving fast, it’s about moving forward.”  So at times like this week, I might get a little behind.  But while I’m not moving fast, I will continue to move forward.