I think memorizing the Scripture helps you better connect emotionally to what’s going on, and I feel this a bit with this part of Jesus’ life.  Jesus’ cousin had just died, a man whom Jesus respected highly.  John the Baptist had actually also been the one who prepared the way for Jesus.  What a beautiful thing for it to have been family.  But in a gruesome act John was beheaded and his head put on display for a party.

Jesus just wanted to mourn.  The crowd was so thick he got into a boat and found a solitary place, probably on the lake.  And when he did finally land, a large crowd had run around the lake to meet him.  Tired, sad and mourning, Jesus still had room for compassion.  His heart went out to them and he resumed healing their sick.

As night approached, the disciples tried to get him to dismiss the crowds so they could go eat.  But Jesus answered, “They do not need to go away.”  Many people reading this would say it was because he wanted to teach the disciples something when he ended up feeding all 5000+.  But I’m not so sure.  I wonder if it’s because he wanted those people there with him, and that in some way or another, in his dark hour they were a comfort to him.


MemorizedMatthew 14:13-21 (Feb 4)