When Jesus returned to his hometown, instead of honoring him for what he had done, they cut him down to size.  ‘Aren’t you the carpenter’s kid?  We know your family!  Who do you think you are?!’  Jesus replied, “only in his hometown and in his own house is a prophet without honor.”  And because there was no honor, there weren’t many miracles.  One has to wonder about the opposite truth as well–in a place where Jesus is highly honored, is this the atmosphere where miracles are more likely to occur?  Hmmm….

And now on to the death of John.  Just pure gore.  It makes me think of the Scriptures that say something like ‘be not quick to make oaths.’  If only Herod would have applied this truth, he would have saved  himself and others a lot of grief.

The one to admire here is John.  He had no problem confronting a king with his illicit behavior.  John was passionate about righteousness.  Perhaps we need a few more John’s around, beginning in our churches.


MemorizedMatthew 13:53-14:12 (Feb 3)