Due to a family member being in the hospital and starting a heavy semester in school, I had a few days lapse in memorization.  No problem as this is about the journey, a marathon and not the sprint.

Also this week the events in Haiti continue to unfold.  If I weren’t in school I’d be on the plane and heading there.  But I keep telling myself that some of this schooling will be beneficial in times such as these (we have a semester on wound care).

But as I was memorizing this Scripture, I just wanted to pray it over Haiti:

“Lord, you say that a bruised reed you will not break, and a smoldering wick you will not snuff out.  O Lord, Haiti seems more than bruised, they are more like the smoldering wick.  I hear stories of some walking through the streets in St. Marc saying thank-you that their town was not destroyed.  I read of a woman from Port au Prince who threw up her hands and cried out saying “Lord, have mercy, for we are sinners!”  O God, hear the prayers!  O God, see how the nations are moving to care for them!  Lord, have mercy on them!

Lord, we say that because your word says in Mt 12 that “in you the nations will put their hope.” This includes Haiti.  O Lord, may Haiti put its hope in you.  May their light not go out, but may hope remain as their foundation that does not crumble.  Not hope in government.  Not hope in the nations.  Not hope in foreign aide.  But hope in You!  Preserve their hope, Lord, even as they cry out to you from under the rubble!  Preserve them O Lord according to your great name!  Rebuild the ancient ruins as they trust in you.  O God hear and move on their behalf.

And Lord I know that even within the earthquake in Haiti, there is an earthquake of devastation in our own country.  The foundations have crumbled as this nation I live in has put their hope in the government, they’ve put their hope in their retirement plan and their finances, they’ve put their hope in their own self-sufficiency.  Lord “in you the nations will put their hope.”  That means us, too!  This is not just Israel, this is “the nations”–us, U.S!   Lord, turn our hearts to you.  God, do whatever it takes that we might too might hope in you.  O God, please hear and move on our behalf.”

Memorized:  Matthew 12:15-32 (Jan 21)