The Israelites complained about lack of food.  Instead of bending their knees and calling out to the Lord, they complained.  So God sent them food, but with simple instructions.

Pick up 2 quarts of manna per day.  Those who feared lack picked up more.  Those who feared using too much or perhaps wanted to be extra conservative picked up little.   And they missed God’s clear instruction.

Then came another test, rest on the Sabbath.  And of course they defied that too.  Some  tried to work, perhaps because of fear of lack, and on the Sabbath there was nothing to gather.

It was really quite a simple test, but it showed what was in their heart.  What do the tests God give us show what is in our heart?

  1.  Do we complain or do we bend our knee to God in extended prayer?
  2.  Do we walk in fear of lack or compromise for other “justifiable” reasons?
  3.  Do we honor the Sabbath?

The truth is I often work on the Sabbath.

I often walk in fear of lack financially.

And in some areas I complain to God instead of worshiping and praying.

This is not a condemnation but a call for me to walk differently.  To be aware of what I’m operating from.  And to stay committed instead of compromising.