Until it is written or voiced, it is as if it did not happen. There’s something about tangible expression that creates the reality. Thinking the right things is not enough.

With this in mind I’ve been putting into practice the previous blog post. If “love and goodness follow us all the days of our lives” and we only need eyes to see it, I need to write it or express it. Call it the marriage of obedience and the book One Thousand Gifts as I’ll be heading to 1000 things before I reevaluate. But already my eyes have been opened. Or perhaps it’s that they’ve always have been opened but now I’m having eyes to see.

I’ve begun to write down throughout the day where I see love and goodness following me. It’s interesting because I’m already starting to see distinction between the two as well as overlap. But even more interesting is that I’m seeing love and goodness all over the place. It was always there, but it was familiar. That oh so familiar word “familiar.” But it’s becoming thankfully unfamiliar again as I look for love and goodness:

The man at the library who opened the door for me–goodness
The pastor’s wife bringing me a bottle of water to church every Sunday–love
Someone posting on FB that they were praying for my studying for boards–love
Kitty lying next to me because she wants to be near me–goodness and love
Friends who take time to read your thoughts–loving

It’s following me everywhere, this love and goodness. It’s not been hidden, but I’ve not made it a habit of turning to look. Hope that’s going to change because it’s hard not to look. I’m kind of surrounded.