Some people in left are truly treated as the “leftovers.”  They are cast aside and treated with disdain.  Not worth the time.  In today’s times that might look like the homeless, the drug addict, or the scruffy looking man or woman with crooked teeth, smelly clothes and low-income.

But the truth is inside many people feel like they are the leftover of society, not worth much, and treated by God in such a way that others get miracles and are blessed but not them.

This was the case on a road outside of Jerusalem.   Jesus was on a mission to Jerusalem and had things to do.  The masses following him were thick and his preaching time to them rich.   But in that instance a blind man heard he was passing by and shouted out to him, annoyingly.

“Many” told him to shut up.  But he didn’t.  And so they rebuked him all the more.  Jesus didn’t have time for such as him.

And when Jesus heard what was going on he stopped.  Called the man to himself.  Engaged him in conversation and healed him.

No man is a leftover.

He had a name.

It was Bartimaeus.