When you want someone to kiss you, you want someone that is clean, well-showered, teeth taken care of and most especially, someone you are attracted to.  Someone you love.

“Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth.”

The beloved is receptive, willing, longing and even inviting the pleasure of her man’s advances.  What love-sick lover would not be drawn in?

The Lord chooses those who chose Him.  He is a perfect gentleman, author of romance and does not force himself on his bride.  Nor does he beg and grovel for her love.  Yet he demonstrates the depth of his love, initiates the invitation, then waits on her receptivity.  Her responsiveness to him is more powerful than the earth’s strongest magnetic field.  Irresistible.

So am I receptive?  Willing?  Longing?  Inviting?  Do I come near with anticipation and invitation?  Love begins with an openness of the spirit and the soul.  The vulnerability to intimacy is a necessary prerequisite.   Yet our longing is a point of undeniable attraction to Him.  It is holy, clean and pure.  No weirdness.  Just Jesus and His Church.