Every action we take in life has purpose.  If I get up and walk it’s because I have a purpose.

If I’m hungry I get up and take action to make a meal.

If I’m hot I get up and take action to change the temperature.

If I’m restless I get up and wander and/or walk.

Every action I take throughout the day is first and foremost motivated by purpose.  The same is true with creation.  Nothing is created without purpose.

If we need transportation someone makes a car.

If we need medical care someone studies medicine and becomes a provider.

If we need food someone becomes a farmer.

EVERYTHING that is made is created with and for purpose.  EVERYTHING.

Including people.

When God has made a person it is with a purpose.  Every human has a purpose.  Some have noble purposes to be leaders and rulers of the people (Rom 9:21) and some have more common purposes (Rom 9:21).  The Scriptures say the purposes of God in a human are like the parts of the body in each one of us.

The parts of the body that “seem to be weaker are indispensable and the parts that we think are less honorable we treat with special honor.  And the parts that are unpresentable are treated with special modesty, while our presentable parts need no special treatment.  But God has combined the members of the body and has given greater honor to the parts that lacked it, so that there should be no division in the body, but that its parts should have equal concern for each other” (1 Cor 121:22-25).

Every person is made with a purpose.  Some to be leaders, presidents, and prime ministers and some to be farmers, electricians and store clerks.  God has created every human with purpose.

Because of this from the beginning the deceiver has tried to kill the children.  Because killing the children stops the purposes of God being fulfilled in their lives.

When Moses was a baby Pharaoh ordered that all the male children be killed during delivery (Ex 1).  The midwives feared God even greater than their own lives and refused.  Moses’ mother had to hide him for 3 months before releasing him to the Lord.  Satan had tried to kill the purposes of the Hebrew children but Moses was delivered.  He then grew up royalty.  God’s purposes cannot be defeated.

When Jesus was born Herod ordered that the male children be killed 2 years old and under.  He was trying to kill God’s purposes in one baby so he decided to kill them all.  The parents of Jesus were warned in a dream and they fled to Egypt, saving the life of Jesus.  Satan had tried to kill the purposes of God but Jesus was delivered.

But there were many that weren’t delivered.  Because of the evil surrounding this genocide many children were murdered and their God given purposes too.  To take a life is to take their purpose.  And not only that but to take any purpose from their progeny.  A life lost is generations that do not exist.

From the beginning the purposes of God have been tried to be destroyed by killing the babies.  Even today in Hawaii the sacrificial stones where the babies were sacrificed to the Tahitian gods by the tens of thousands still exist.

It’s always been satan’s strategy to kill the babies.  Because to do so is to kill the purposes of God in that baby.

In the ancient times babies were sacrificed to the god of Molech and it was justified so that disaster wouldn’t come on the people.
Because that could cause the loss of safety and provision of food that the gods provided.

In the time of Moses the killing of babies was justified so that the Hebrews wouldn’t revolt and cause war (and more importantly financial loss).
Because that would hurt many.

In the time of Jesus the killing of babies was justified so that there would not be competition with another ruler.
Because conflict would take many lives.

In the time of WW2 millions of lives were murdered in the Jewish genocide and that was justified to create a superior race.
Because it was needed to properly evolve humanity.

In 2018 millions of babies are murdered in the womb and it is justified because they aren’t really children and if they are, it’s better off for them not to be born than to be born where they can’t properly be taken care of.
Because that’s what is better for the baby.

Every act of murder comes with its justification.  When I worked in the maximum security prison, even the murderers there had justified their actions.  Even the rape of children.
I was teaching them about love.’

No matter the story we tell ourselves to convince ourselves that what we’re doing is the “better” course of action, murder takes out a life and it takes out the purposes of God.

Babies aren’t political views.  They are lives.  Real ones.

Election is near.  And there are many factors that go into choosing a candidate.

This week I am seeing one man running for Congress as a “pro-choice Christian.”

When I was growing up a baby in the womb was never called a “fetus” but a “baby.”

Abortion was called “abortion” and not “pro-choice.”

However you redefine the terms, it doesn’t take away what is being done.

Some will say that there are more issues in choosing a candidate than their stance on abortion.  It’s true.

But if Hitler was a good leader in other areas but was still exterminating the Jews in the gas chambers by the millions, would you overlook it?

Many at the time would and did.  Mainly because it wasn’t happening to them.

Death isn’t real until it is your arms that are empty.

For me I will not vote for a candidate who justifies death and killing.

I cannot turn my ears and eyes away.

And in the meantime I will pray that the detestable practice will end.  That eyes will be opened.  And that we will “come to our senses.”..

Because God loves his children.

He has purpose for them.

He has purpose for you.