I was working on this YouTube video tonight answering the questions of Why didn’t God do a miracle for the Jews during the Holocaust? As I was working on the video, it really caused me to meditate on the systems God has in place for us.

He has given us family to make sure we have love. There is the support system of siblings, children, cousins, aunts & uncles, and grandparents to catch us.

He has given us the government to ensure order and justice. If we are wronged we have an authority to appeal to that provides for us justice. We also have the privilege that good government provides an orderliness to life with roads, economy, infrastructure and more.

And we have the church to strengthen our faith, nourish our soul, provoke our growth, provide community and help accelerate our purposes.

None of these support systems are without faults. Parents are not always available, government is not always good and church is filled with sinful people at different levels of spiritual maturity.  When the family systems fail we are to lean into the church.  When government fails we still have the kingdom of God by which to live.  When church has challenges we have the Lord to help us navigate.  In all these we have provision and care from one another and from the Lord himself.

There is great beauty in how the Lord has created life so that ideally humans are cared for when things are done His way.  We are treasured.

A few moments later…

Soon after I wrote this I heard a loud, thundering bang in the distance.  Where I am living (a city known for violence) I know what that means–the rapport of a gun.  Neighbors will call 911.  The police will come and investigate.  And the role of the government will step in to deal with the situation with justice.  I’m glad for that justice.  I’m glad there’s someone to call.  I’m glad they will investigate and that there will be a trial and that there will be an attempt for justice.

I confirmed later that it was a gunshot.  And that someone was killed as I had expected.