People, Jesus walked on water!!  Not that this is any surprise to anyone.  But we generally we are more focused on Peter walking on water because it preaches better.  But if you look at Jesus, or in fact all the miracles of Scripture, supernatural power was always used to serve other people, never for show.  Parting of the Red Sea?  Well the Egyptians were about to face genocide.  Casting out demons?  These people were being tortured.   Power is always meant to serve, never to impress.  This is clear in Scripture.

What this means is that Jesus’ walking on water was not about him just needing to get to the boat.  (Power is not meant to serve self).  I believe it was a provocation to increase their faith.  Peter responded.  Perhaps that is why he becomes such a prominent disciple.

We often forget that Jesus was a man.  We expect him to do miracles as Son of God. But he acted and functioned as a man first, fully connected to God.   Something to perhaps provoke our faith.