Jesus came into Jerusalem and was highly distressed at the business that was happening in the place of worship, business in the ‘name of God,’ and the kingdom of God turned profit factory.  He turned over the tables of the money-changers, stopped merchants walking across the courtyard, and generally created a holy ruckus.

I’m sure the true worshipers were glad to finally see someone stand up to all.  To speak and act and not be silent.  But for Jesus I know he knew that speaking and acting would lead to his death.  And it did.

And then Jesus tells the parable of his vineyard, how he went away and sent people to check on it.  Only the servants killed, beat and injured those ambassadors.  So then he sent his son (meaning Jesus) and they did the same.  He was speaking against the religious leadership, they got the message, and instead of repenting they plotted his arrest and death.

And it made me think the prophets too had a choice.  Speak up and die or be quiet, “respectful,” “don’t discuss religion or politics,” and live.  Hm.

I don’t mean that we need to turn over tables but there is a point here.  Jesus and the prophets stood up for righteousness in the house of God knowing that it would cost them gravely.