I’ve had a startling discovery recently.  I’ve been very Bible-centric most of my life, attending a strongly Bible-centric college and Bible-centric church.  But I realized that while this may seem righteous and good (which it is in perspective), but I realize I need to become Jesus centric.

Jesus saves, not the Bible.  The Bible points the way to Jesus and teaches how to live.  Of course those of us who believe know this, believe this and rely on this truth.  But when we become more Bible centric than Jesus centric, we are at risk of becoming like the Jews whom Jesus rebuked:

“You study the Scriptures diligently because you think that in them you have eternal life. These are the very Scriptures that testify about me” Jn 5:39

And while we can say the difference is they missed Jesus and we Christians have found him, we can still risk the Word above who the Word points to in Jesus.  What this looks like is

  • Diligent study of the Word exceeding the practice of prayer and faith
  • Sermons from the pulpit that are highly Bible centered but few presentations of the gospel of Jesus or bringing the text back to Jesus in the message
  • I’m still discovering more.

The bottom line is that all of our affections point to Jesus.  Our study should lead to him, our teaching and preaching, our hearts, our lives.  We must also be diligent students in the Word, but never to uphold the study and love of the Word greater than our love for Jesus.