The world is a very uncertain place right now.  In fact, it feels like a tinder box waiting to explode.  And that’s just in the world.  What about what is happening in our own lives?  It seems like that area too is on a fragile precipice, close to changing dramatically.

It feels unsafe.  Because it is.

This life is not safe.  It never has been and it never will.  Christians are not immune.  In fact, they are often the target.

I don’t think I’m ready for all that change.  Nor do I know how to prepare for it.  And my mind tries to prepare every day because I can’t stop thinking of the imminent changes in my own personal life. 

I long for protection.  Guidance.  Direction.

And I find it today in the birth of Christ.  The magi were seeking Him, and warned in a dream they skirted danger.  As well as a premature death to the new King.

And some time later Joseph was also warned in a dream.  Not only that but he was given specific instruction of what to do and where to go and for how long:  Egypt.  Until I tell you.  So they left in the middle of the night on an unknown journey.  Hard.  But safe.

I find comfort in this.  Because it gives me hope that when the time is right and the hour has come, the Lord will direct me as well.  I can plan all I want but it really comes down to what happens, how it happens, and how the Lord directs.

And the Lord is directing me.  At least with one step at present.  And I hope more steps in the future.  Because there are so many unknowns. 

One step at a time.