Where am I in this text?  Gulp.  I think I found myself.

These rich oppressors were exploiting the poor people, living in self-indulgence and luxury from the money and condemning and murdering the innocent.  At first, it seems like I’m nowhere to be found in these verses.  But that’s because I’m thinking of my own individualistic mindset–not group culture of so many nations of the earth.

And when I think of it through that lens of “group,” I have to realize that the nation I live in and love has an unfortunate history of exploiting poor workers.  Money has been made from that exploitation and partly because of that, I live in a country of wealth…and greed…and self-indulgence.  And too I can’t help but wonder how many innocents have been mowed over in order for individuals to have prosperity.  Every nation has its dark corner and this one is certainly ours.  Oh that our hearts would turn back to him in righteousness…less we be “fattened for the day of slaughter.”