The other day I saw someone post something along the lines that they really believed peace was possible.

I do not.

Why don’t I? Because as long as their is a devil, as long as he and his demons are bringing deception, death, and disaster, there will be war. I will live every day of my life at war, overcoming by the blood of the lamb, but battling nonetheless.

It’s easy to forget the spiritual battle that rages. It rages for marriages, families, homes, jobs, among countries and more.

Peace is not possible as long as the deceiver is unleashed. What happens in the heaven lies is also what happens on earth. God’s children are what are being fought over. Satan deceives and God gives His children freedom to believe whatever voice they choose.

So no, I don’t think peace is possible on a global level. We can individually have peace with God. And at times we can have peace with each other. But until evil is definitely destroyed on the Final Day, there is a heavenly war that rages.