If you are a Christian,  you probably didn’t know this but a very major world religion says that Deut 18:18 is prophesying Muhammad.  Let’s read it.

Then the Lord said to me [Moses], ‘They have spoke well.  I will raise up for them a prophet like you from among their brothers.  I will put My words in his mouth, and he will tell them everything I command him.”

How do we know this is Jesus?  Well yes, it says “from among your brothers,” but couldn’t this be from among the descendants of Abraham?  And if so, then as a descendant of Ishmael, Mohammad could be that man.  Or could it?

Why Jesus is the Fulfillment of This Scripture

1) “Among your brothers,” when taken in context, was very clearly meant as the fellow Israelites.  (For more click here).  Moses was addressing the Israelites, a similar wording in just a few previous verses implies Israelites (17:15), the book was given to the Israelites (“Deuteronomy” means “Second Law” given to the Israelites).

2)  Heirs to the Jewish throne would be descendants of Isaac, not Ismael (Gen 17:21; 21:12).  The Quran even affirms this in Q 29:27, although Ali, a translator adds a descendant of Abraham.  But this is not in the Arabic.

3)  The prophet was to be “like” Moses, which when we read in Deut 34:10-11, is one who knew God face to face and did many signs and wonders.  We do not read that Mohammad did any miracles or knew God face to face.

4)  Jesus’ disciples affirmed he was the prophet.  We have this verse actually quote to refer to Jesus in Acts 3:20-23.  We also find this in John 1:45.  And since Mohammad himself affirmed the authority of the Bible (see references here), then he would likewise affirm this authority.

5)  Jesus himself said he was the one that Moses was writing about (Jn 5:46):  “I am that One about whom he wrote.”

As much as certain folks would like to say this is about Mohammad, we clearly see this is from Jesus.  Again Mohammad affirmed the Torah and even the Gospels (Injil), and these clearly say that Jesus was the fulfillment of this very Scripture (again Acts 3:20-23).