The heart of David never ceases to surprise and amaze.  Even though I’ve read this story countless times, it still is amazing to me.

Saul hunted David down like a dog.  David was on the run constantly and repeatedly showed no aggression toward Saul even when we could have.  But David withheld bringing harm to him as Saul was the Lord’s anointed, even when the Spirit had left Saul, and David had been anointed by Samuel.

So after Saul’s death, David asked if there was anyone in Saul’s family that he could show kindness too.  ???  When was the last time you heard something like that??

Initiated kindness.

Now that is a true and good man.

And there was someone who was left alive who hadn’t gone to war.  It was David’s son Mephibosheth who had been crippled at birth when he was dropped fleeing from the battles.  Both feet were lame but he had survived war.

So David brought he and his family to him, as well as all the servants of Saul.  He told Saul’s servants to do business on behalf of Mephibosheth but that Mephibosheth and his sons would always eat at his own table as if he was one of his own sons.

Initiated kindness.  Even to one’s enemies.