Recently I made a simple video just for fun.  I posted it on YouTube.

In a matter of a couple of weeks I’ve had over 250 views from all over the world, over 35 countries.   Not to be too impressed because 250 views in YouTube world is nothingness.  But I am reminded again of the power of influence.  Somebody in Brunei and Saudi Arabia watched this little video I made in the middle of nowhere USA.  Everything we do has a degree of influence to a much broader reach than we realize.  It’s called the Butterfly effect.  Can a butterfly flap its wings in Brazil and cause a tornado in Kansas?  In the world of quantum physics and chaos theory the answer is yes. 

So my question is how can we bring this same influence to the gospel?  What can we do to bring that same level of influence?  How can we create interest?  Some other videos I made (How to memorize the Sermon on the Mount–see “Vids for Life” tab) have garnered about 4 views.  So how do 250 people discover a video hidden among millions of videos on boiling Coke as opposed to finding videos with gospel influence?  Obviously something unique, special and radical will bring the YouTube views.  But I think what brings interest to the gospel is more important and that is the simple acts of real love.  And this has nothing to do with hits, views, tweets or posts.

I was reading a blog the other day about a woman who intentionally decided to love her neighbors–literally.  It meant bringing over extra muffins and stopping at the cranky old lady’s house and being intentional.  Actually doing something.  Love creates interest.

When I reflect on my life, I see that I’m not very intentional about love.  For me it probably begins with intentional words.  I say words, some good and some not so good but rather with reason and purpose behind them.  Mostly just what comes out of my mouth.  But per the quote in the previous post, if you do what’s natural there’s no life.

Lord, help me to begin.