As I was thinking through Leviticus today, I realized how important it is that the people of God do not live a common life.  We are not called to live common lives, but holy lives.

Holy means to be set apart.

  • The Crown Jewels of England are set apart.  They are sealed in glass, carefully cleaned and preserved, well-protected and treasured.  They are set apart from common treatment.
  • The Declaration of Independence is set apart.  It is shielded under glass, specially treated for preservation, well-protected and treasured.  It is set apart from that which is common.
  • King Tut’s tomb is set apart, sealed away, cleaned and preserved, well-protected and treasured.  It is separated from the common treatment of items.

We are God’s people.  Holy.  Set apart.  To be carefully treated.  Treasured.  Protected.

So it matters…

  • How we eat
  • Sexual behavior
  • Our minds and our thoughts
  • Community  Health
  • Social Justice
  • and more

We cannot be people that are common and look no different than those around us.  This is what Leviticus is about.  We are holy people who belong to a holy God, and we are not to treat ourselves or one another as common.

For me the first conviction point was that I cannot eat like a commoner.  I need to eat more healthy.  Although during this time of quarantine from the coronavirus, not as easy as one would think.  But the bottom line is this, we must be a people who are different, set aside and consecrated to God.