1) Guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life. Strengthen relationships. Have fun. Life is more than just work. Play also. Become emotionally healthy. Time will reveal sin weakness. Don’t let sin enter in as it will bite hard and last long. Listen to your body. Listen to the Lord. Strengthen your heart.

2) Strengthen self-respect. Be your own best friend. Make your thoughts captive to love yourself because when you do, it will be foundational to loving others. Set boundaries. Say no. Then keep your boundaries. It’s Ok that people don’t like you or that they get angry with you. Don’t give in. Seasons of loneliness come and go. Setting healthy boundaries will give you healthier friends. Honor your body. Take care of it by the food you eat and the way you showcase it. You are worth investing $ into. Not just your spiritual life but your physical and emotional well-being also.

3) Let go of control and trust the Lord. He does things better than you can imagine. I realize you think you have let go of control, but when you feel helpless, unprotected, alone, oftentimes it’s because you’re scared because you’re in control and it doesn’t look good. These are warning lights to remove trust in yourself and trust in the Lord. It doesn’t mean things will turn out happy and good and like you want.

4) **Edited as some things just aren’t for public knowledge.

5) Take every thought captive. Your life will go in the direction of your most dominant thought. There’s always a different way to perceive things. Perceive them in light of trusting the Lord.

6) Develop your forgiving muscle. You will need it your whole life. The stronger it is, the better life you will have.

7) Nurture hope. Take jobs that give you pleasure. You can do jobs you don’t like for a season, but eventually they will crush your heart. Find solutions not problems. Hope against hope in every situation. God loves it when we discover Him between the rock and a hard place.

8) Be devoted to prayer and the Word. Always. Be led by the Spirit. Discover the riches of the Spirit of God.

9) The great commandment came before the great commission. Learn to love. You will always hunger for the truth, but you must learn to love. God takes sons of thunder and turns them into brothers of love. Let him do that for you.

10) Life is relationships.