If someone has an experience of something that is not of this world, an angel, a demon or something else, does that mean that they should follow it because it is real?  Experiences with the other world have led many astray.  Warning: just because something is real, does not mean it is true, good or right.

The Philistines were gathering against Saul and Saul was terrified (1 Sam 28:5).  When he called on the Lord, the Lord did not answer because he had rejected the Lord and the Lord had removed his Spirit.  In a panic, Saul sought out a medium.

It was ironic that he was doing so as he had sent out previously a purge of all the spiritists and mediums, killing them and removing them from the land.  And now he was seeking one, although he disguised himself.

She did call up the spirit of Samuel and Samuel told him that the Lord’s judgment was upon Saul just has he had said when he was alive.  Furthermore he told Saul that by by the next day Saul and his sons would be joining Samuel in death.

It’s important to note that what Saul was doing was evil.  Spiritism and a medium were so vile in the land for Israel that it was the death penalty (Lev 20:27).  To consult a spiritist or a medium was also a sin (Lev 19:31; 20:6) and were to be banned from the community.

Now are the spirits real?  Yes.  But is it right to consult that world?  No.  Is it good?  No.  In fact, it is very dangerous.

What Saul did was not exemplary.  In fact, it might have been the very reason that the Lord had said enough and his fate was to be sealed by the Philistines.

The spirit world is real.  The demonic world is real.  But the people of God are to have nothing to do with the powers of darkness.  At all.