Perhaps there is persecution and anti-semitism rising because when the Jews turn to Christ in numbers, it will shake the world.

But it’s true.  I don’t understand it.  Especially among Christians.  And I’ve even heard it recently (from a Christian) that we shouldn’t really like them.

It doesn’t matter what they have done or who they are, they are God’s chosen people.  A special people that God selected to reveal himself so that the nations could know him.

We, his people are “grafted-in.”  Forget whether it’s replacement theology or Israel as separate, the Bible teaches that we are “grafted-in” and we must treat that with holy fear and reverence (Rom 11).

And for Christians to blame the Jews for killing Jesus.  Really?  Have those people read the Bible?  Jesus died for our sins.  Yours and mine.  It is WE who put Jesus on the cross.  It is our sin.

If you are a Christian, not liking the Jewish people is not an option.

We stand together.