God tells Jacob to go back to his homeland after 20 years where God would bless him.  He is to go back to the very place where his brother Esau wanted to murder him.

So he packs up his abundant possessions and starts making the journey.   Part way there he sends his workers ahead of him to check the situation out.  They come back with a terrifying report–Esau is coming towards him with 400 men.

There is every indication that he is coming to make war with Jacob and finish unfinished business.

This is where one begins to question, “Did God Really Say…?”

Basically God says go back where I will bless you, but I’m going to send you back to where your brother will murder you.

One has to wonder about the ways of God.  Certainly Jacob did.  It didn’t make any sense.

And it isn’t God like that sometimes?  He sends us to the place where it seems like we will meet our end?  Could this be God?

But only God knows the whole picture.  And truth-be-told, I’m not sure Esau had a change of heart until he was en route to his brother.  Otherwise why would he bring 400 men?

But God did a work of repentance in Jacob and a work of forgiveness in Esau and they were able to reunite peacefully.

You know, a lot of times we do not understand the ways of God.

Sometimes he has us go forward into what seems like impossible circumstances that could crush us.

But we never know the full picture.   Only God does.

And sometimes the best of what he has to offer is on the other side of that which is terrifying.