Hopelessness is dangerous to the soul.  It sees the agony of present circumstances as well as the perceived impossibility to change them.  Mainly because it requires people and situation to change and well that seems…hopeless.

The very nature of hope–raw, gritty and real hope, is that it is rooted in seemingly impossible situations and is laced with suffering but believes anyway.  Hope sees that things are impossible and trusts the Lord the circumstances or our perception of them will change.

Suffering does not last forever.  Nor does sadness change things.  Some situations don’t change but perhaps the LORD has other solutions.  Perhaps he will come back.  Perhaps he will provide in ways we could not imagine.  Perhaps life will take such an unexpected turn we could not expect it.

Let me say it again, sadness does not change things.  And internal sadness is the fruit of hopelessness.  It leads to depression and depression leads to dangerous things.

Hope is in the LORD.  It is raw, gritty, and believes that something utterly impossible could come to change the suffering one feels deeply.

He is the God of Hope.

Hold onto hope.

Protect it.

Fight for it.