How many times does this have to happen?  Seriously.  It’s so tragic and unnecessary.

I knew how it would end but I kept telling myself No!  Don’t do it!

There was a man who was an important man in politics.  His advice was taken as if it were from God himself.  That’s how much it mattered.

But a “mole” was sent to frustrate his advice and whatever he said, the mole would offer different advice.  And when the leader heard the two different opinions, he didn’t go with the man whom they had revered for so long.  They went with the advice of the new guy.

So what do you think happened?

You guessed it.  The first man went home and hanged himself.


Because the attention and respect given him had become his identity.  Without this, he felt he had no more reason to live.  Respect was his god and he bowed down in idolatrous worship.  That’s the story of how Ahithophel that once served David as an advisor, and then his son Absalom came to a tragic end.

How many times has this happened in history?  Someone gets caught up in an identity that receives respect or makes them feel like they have purpose.  But when that is removed, what is left?  Much…if one sees it.

David was tested in this.  All that he had was taken away.  But he knew who he was.  And he lived a life surrendered to the purposes of God.  Respect wasn’t his god.  Purpose wasn’t his God.  Fulfilling his heart’s desires wasn’t his god.

God was his God.

We must be careful to understand this.  While we might not do something so drastic, we may fall into a depression, sadness and/or despair.  These have their own consequences.

Been there done that.  Have repented.

We must be careful of the gods of our heart.

They’re very subtle.