I was thinking back to a time and season when I was a “guest” or “held” for a several days in a particular nation not welcoming to the gospel. The guards who interrogated us wanted us to tremble in fear of them. The problem is that I had an issue–uncontrollable laughter.

I’m sure it was a fear response but it really ticked them off. Especially the head guy. He called me a fool.

When I was remembering these events I realize how much people in such positions of authority as this want you to tremble in fear. Why? Because fear=power. It’s like an addiction. The more afraid people are around them, the more powerful they feel.

And the truth I was meditating was on this: Whatever we choose to fear has power over us. If we have a fear of flying…the fear tells us not to fly. If we have a fear of public speaking…that fear cowers at an invitation. Fear of loneliness? Then we live our lives trying hard to avoid it. Fear is power.

Perhaps that is why God has said, “Fear me.” And for everything else: “Fear not.” He also has said, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” And in Isaiah it says in Hebrew that He is our Fear.

When we understand that fear = power, then we realize that the Father is the only one safe enough to fear. Why?  Because He alone is completely good.