I was thinking today how deeply we are hard wired for righteousness.  We think there is no such thing as a “small” sin or sin that doesn’t mater because “no one else will know.”  But that’s not true in the slightest.

Sin at its very core is a violation of person and affects us at very deep levels, levels that we cannot even begin to understand.  The most amazing indication of this is a polygraph (lie-detector) test.

Hook a lie detector test to your finger and ask, “Is your name Jane?”  If you answer no and that’s the truth, then no problem.  But if you answer “yes” and it’s a lie, the indicators will tell the real story.  How?

Because when you lie, even a small “harmless” lie such as about your name, your blood pressure raises, you start to sweat, your fingers grow colder, your breathing changes and you have genuine physiological changes.

Think about that.

A simple lie, seemingly “harmless,” and your body CHANGES!!

Your body begin to illicit stress reactions that wear on your body.  Incredible.

Now think of this for a minute.  If this can happen just because you said your name was different than what is, how much more if that lie persists in your life?  Or if you sin in a greater more influential way?  Or if you guilty about something you’ve done and have not sought forgiveness?

It’s really kind of incredible actually.  And that is just how sin affects us in a physical way.  How much more in a relational way?  Even just a simple difference in name can be something that breaks down trust.

It’s fascinating.  Sin is not small.  We were genuinely and truly made for righteousness.  Every bit of us.