“My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.” Hos 4:6

I read this and it struck my afresh that it is GOD’S PEOPLE who have the lack of knowledge.  How is this possible?  Especially for us in the world?  We have knowledge as deep as the mighty rivers.  We have internet, books, Bibles and more.  Yet for all this, God’s people are destroyed from lack of knowledge?

I have felt that this year.  And last.

What has happened in our nation (the good ol’ USA) has been shocking.  It’s not caught me off-guard what the non-Christians have believed–without the truth how can they know and act any differently?  What has surprised me is the beliefs, attitudes and actions of the believers.  (Sometimes I’m shocked at what’s in my own heart as well).

When I hear some of my fellow brothers and sisters say things or make posts on Facebook, I sometimes want to ask, “Have you read your Bible?”   “Do you understand the Scriptures?”  “Do you know what God has to say on this?”  Because I’m afraid the voice of the world is overtaking the words of God in the hearts of his children.

Even if a buffet is spread before us of every available resource, it doesn’t mean we dine at the table.  If we look at the meat and vegetables but leave that buffet to only eat at the dessert table, we are missing soul health.  And I’m afraid that’s what is happening.

But how do we provoke this generation, and our generation, to once again engage Scripture?  How do we salt the oats and cause them to thirst anew?  How do I hunger for his Word more consistently?

Only Jesus.

Only the living God of heaven can create that hunger.  To that end I pray.  That God will send revival, but a revival that will also lead to reformation.  An insatiable hunger for the enduring Word of God.  Will you join me in this prayer?  (And reading the Scriptures too?)