I woke up this morning thinking about human trafficking. I have a friend who works with the rescued girls and her stories while redemptive, have the roots of evil of the worst kind. Is there anything more evil than a family that sells their daughter intentionally to the sex trade?

This world is so full of evil. It is astonishing that the Lord does not destroy us all.

The truth is we are all under the judgment of God. The problem is that we think we’re for the most part good people. We have our “ideals” that we try to live by. Even among the toughest and most violent gangs there is an honor code–protecting one another, sticking together and more.

The problem is we compare ourselves to each other and not to God. Compared to God we are dreadfully evil people.

God doesn’t need to declare our judgment, because we stand under it. It’s our state of being. We don’t get to choose heaven or hell, we are bound to hell.

So when God intervened in his love, it wasn’t to bring more judgment, it was to bring rescue. He wasn’t to enunciate his condemnation, it was to bring deliverance from it. And he did this through his son.

“God did not send his son into the world to condemnt the world, but to save the world through him.” (John 3:17)

God in his great love became the ultimate rescuer. Seeing that we were helplessly drowning in our evil and sin, he sent Jesus to rescue us.

If we hold to Jesus, we will be saved and lifted up to life. Without Jesus we will die, drowning in our evil filth.


He is the only one who can rescue us. It is the message that we preach.

It is important to see how we are under judgment, yes. But our message is that Jesus rescued us on the cross. We need only to reach out and hold on to him.