Last night tears streamed down my face as I faced the ever-present reality that those I need in my life don’t need/want me.   And yet the frustration of knowing that while even though they will have the least contact with me as possible, an hour is coming when they will have great need for me.  And I will be expected to stop everything in my life to care for them.   I probably will.

As the hurt washed over me, I realized this is exactly a very common place for our Lord.  So much of the time.

Many will not meet with him during the day, or connect with Him at all.  But they will expect when a great hour of need comes, that God will come running to help.  And if He doesn’t they will say that the God of the Bible is not good.  Or he doesn’t care.  Or he is uninvolved.  Then they will leave for another god and invest great time and energy in serving the new ‘god.’

It happens a lot.

It’s using God.

Immediately my heart filled with a desire that I would be God’s friend and not just a user, to care for what’s on his heart and not just ask him to serve me in my hour of need.  Even though this is that hour.

I am in my Bible every day and I do pray constantly, albeit my prayers are often right now, “O God, help.”

I want to not just be a user of God’s goodness and kindness, but I want to be a blessing to Him.  To care for His heart and the things on His mind.

In essence, I want to know how to be a good friend to God.

Like Abraham.  Who was called God’s friend.