“…who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in Christ.”

Those in Christ receive EVERY spiritual blessing.  I don’t know what all those blessings are but we do know some of them:

  • Our death is not for dead
  • Our belonging is not based on whether the people of this world of this world accept us or not but into God’s adoption of us through Christ
  • The things we’ve done and have to do are not hold over our heads or waiting for judgment
  • We are chosen to be sacred unto God
  • He has shared with us the secrets of heaven which he purposed in Christ
  • He lavishes, LAVISHES grace upon us, because we need so much of it.

But another beautiful thought is this:  The blessings of God are not like the selective kindness of man.  God gives these blessings to every one of his sons and daughters in Christ.  It doesn’t matter if you are attractive, plain, or just missed out on good-looks, if you’re too strong of a personality or too timid,  if you’ve been successful with things in your life or you haven’t, if you belong to a good loving family or if you come home to an empty house at night, if you grew up in wealth or if you grew up in abject poverty, if your marriage is together or hanging by a thread, if you love Jesus zealously or if you are not even loving Him as much as you know you should.  All of it.  It doesn’t matter

God lavishes his love and blessings on us.  And not just some of those blessings.

EVERY spiritual blessing in Christ.

Nothing has been withheld.  There are no conditions except Christ.

Every single spiritual blessing in Christ (and I’m sure there’s so much more than we know about or understand) is ours for eternity.  Forever.

Every blessing is ours.

Every blessing is yours.

Every blessing is mine.