As I was out picking up beer cans for Bibles, I witnessed an everyday hero.  As I was walking down the alley way an older man was walking with a 6 or 7 year old little girl.  He took her to where her father was at the car and that’s when I noticed them because the father of the girl was yelling at her.  The man explained to the father that she was lost quite a ways from home, scared and crying.  The father did not hug her, welcome his lost girl home (it was early evening) but shouted that she was grounded for 3 days.  The man who brought her turned and walked away, saddened by what the little girl was returning to.  Perhaps it was this kind of environment that made her want to wander away.  But as I looked at the man who had brought this little girl home, I began to think that I had just witnessed an every day kind of hero.   Sir, the father may not have thanked you, but there is a Father who will.