This morning I woke up and began to think of all my friends throughout the earth.  There are my friends in Japan who are waking up and will help bring worship to Japan.  And then there are those guys over in undisclosed locations praying blessing over the people and seeing them know the grace of Jesus.  And then in Kona, HI as they wake up releasing thousands into missions.  And then another friend in the US who works to see the kingdom of God come in southeast Asia.  And another friend on her knees this morning waking up praying for her day, her children and the ministry she has at home.

It moved my heart thinking of all these.

And I wonder if it too moves the heart of God.

We know that he rejoices over us with singing (Zeph 3:17).  But I wonder if it at times he just gets a little weepy too, proud of his children and finding pleasure in the affection and love coming from his children.  It’s a parents joy.