I was working on these Scriptures and asking myself, “Do I really believe this?”  As in, does my life and actions reflect that I believe this?  That my prayers are powerful and effective?  If I truly believed that my prayers were powerful and effective, I would be taking advantage of that and praying more diligently.  Instead, my mind fixates on unanswered prayer.  I find myself subconsciously looking to prove that a lie is true, that my prayers have only minimal results, as opposed to believing the truth of the Lord that my prayers are powerful and effective.

I think we all stumble on the caveat listed–the prayers of a “righteous” man.  None of us feels righteous.   But the reality is that I am righteous in Christ, I continue seek to live for him, and I continue to repent of sin when it occurs or when its brought to my mind.  Although I’m sure if I asked the Lord to go deep that there would be a significantly greater amount.  It would probably be a good thing to do…

Back to the subject.  I think at times we/I live in unbelief from this scripture.  Perhaps this unbelief is the lack of “righteousness” that hinders our prayers.  Crazy circle it would seem, but I think there’s a grain of truth to this.  Just read James 2.  If we really believe, we will do.  Hm.

On an entirely different note, the good news is that after I learn today’s verses, I will have memorized all of James!  It’s surprising how quickly it has gone.  I’ve been impatient to get through James and lo and behold, here I am.  Life comes at us quickly and therefore requires our intentionality.  I’m glad I started the journey.  I’ve not “officially” checked the book of James off the list though as the schedule I’m creating has that I recite each chapter once a day for 20 days, take 30 days off, then 10 days back on.  And so for that I have a little bit longer to go.  But now I will be starting in on a couple of more Psalms and then 1 Peter will be the next book.  Enjoying this journey.