The Soul in the Pandemic – 3 John 2

"Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well" (3 John 2). We often speak of the spirit and the body but not always the soul.  The soul that I'm referring to is that place in the human of...

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Taking on Giants–Literally – 1 Chr 20

It was thought for years that a human being could not run under a 4 minute mile.  The closest time was held by a Swedish man 4:01.4.  Then along came a lanky medical student who believed.  Lo and behold he did what the world thought impossible.  Roger Bannister was...

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When Leaders Change – 1 Chr 19

The King of the Ammonites passed away and his son became ruler in his place.  The father had been good to David and so David sent an envoy to send condolences. But the son, now King Nahash, was suspicious.  He listened to those around him who said that David was not...

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Where do YOU go? 1 Chr 13

Where do you go to get your information?  Where do you go in an emergency?  Where do you go to understand what's going on?  Where do you go when you need help? When David became king, he decided to bring back the ark.  Why? "For we did not inquire of Him in Saul's...

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When God Builds an Army – 1 Chr 12

When there are two leaders both claiming to be King, it can be terrible times.  Worse in some places where choosing sides meant becoming an enemy of the other, and even a potential death sentence. This was the case when Saul drove out David.  Saul had banned David...

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