“He speaks.”

The word “speak” is used more of God in the Scripture than any other word (Verb View Bible).

He speaks.

We hear.

But do we listen?

Sometimes we do.  For me I most often wonder if it’s God or not.  Sometimes it’s clear.  Very clear.  Other times I need to whip out my spiritual hearing aids.

And yet here it is in this story.  Moses is struggling, the people are angry, and Pharoah has hardened his heart like concrete.  He refused to listen to Moses and Aaron.

And the Scriptures say this was…

“Just as the Lord had said.”

How many times have things happened “just as the Lord had said.”

Oh that we would believe when he speaks.

Oh that we would practice the art of listening and discerning.

Oh that we would trust and obey.

Then we can both stand and smile and say,

“It happened just as the Lord had said.”