The deliciousness of rebellion and testing the veracity of God’s word was too tempting, and Eve took the fruit.  Now God had said that she would surely die if she touched it or ate it and the serpent said this was not true, that God was keeping something from her.

She took the fruit, ate it and didn’t die.  So therefore the serpent must have been right.  And with that she invited Adam to join her and he did.

And he didn’t die on the spot either.  Did this mean that God was lying?

The Lord God was telling the truth.  They certainly were now sentenced to death.  It just didn’t mean death right at that very second.

One of the things some people not in the Lord ask is, “How can there be a God if he allows evil?”  One can talk about free will and such as that is vital to the discussion of evil.  But another important component is that God does NOT allow evil.  In fact, he says very clearly that there will indeed be a day of justice for evil.  But just not right at the moment.

Even earthly justice doesn’t happen exactly at the moment of the crime.  Make no mistake.  God will indeed deal with evil.