In this process of memorization, I’ve had to contend with a few things.  Probably one of the biggest questions is do I go deep, memorizing only one Scripture a day but milking it for all it’s worth?  Or do I get broad and shoot to memorize the whole testament, knowing that I can come back, review and go deeper?

The original schedule (according to the manual on is to go wide.  The author makes a case that through going the whole route, you get the broad picture and you naturally will be reviewing every time you open your Bible to read.

The downside is I do feel like there are parts of Scripture that I don’t understand and would like to study more fully, but if I’m to reach the goal of “wide,” then I need to keep moving.  Perhaps when I’m done with the New Testament, I can shoot to do some of the psalms on a “deep” level.  I have tried to memorize psalms in conjunction with what I’m doing, but it just wasn’t working.

So the two year schedule with the whole New Testament is still a go, although at this point it’s looking more like 2 1/2 to 3 years.  That’s not bad.