I have come to see that Roe vs. Wade was literally the most destructive court case in human history.  Never has such a decision cost so much human life.  Literally 1.5 BILLION lives have been cut short through abortion – http://www.numberofabortions.com/

And the rhetoric around abortion matters.

Change the rhetoric, change the conversation.

When I was a youth only pro-abortionist called a baby a fetus.  Pro-lifers called a baby in the womb a “baby.”

“Fetus” is more neutral.

When I was a youth it wasn’t so strong “pro-CHOICE.”  It just was abortion.

Now the choice word rings strong.  Because catch-phrases and word changes shape the entire conversation.

So since that is the case, here are some things to consider that I learned from an abortion doctor (Dr. Levatino).

            1.  Abortion is OK when the mother’s life is in danger.
              The problem with this line of thinking is that abortion is very, very rare in order to save the life of a mother, primarily because most pregnancy complications happen in the 3rd trimester.   When a mother’s life is in danger, it’s rarely possible to wait 3-5 days.  A normal saline abortion can’t happen.  Therefore the pregnancy is terminated via “c-Section” in a stage where the baby has viability to live outside of the womb.

          1. Abortion is OK in matters of Rape and Incest
            The problem is that this argument is used almost exclusively to justify the other 98% of abortions.   Watch [Length:  2:47]

          2. Why changing state laws outlawing abortion is not enough
            The problem is that Roe vs. Wade takes precedence over any state laws.  So until Roe vs. Wade is overturned, then anyone can appeal to the federal case and not the state law.  Watch [12:51 minutes].

        4.  Planned Parenthood is a Woman’s Health Center, not primarily an abortion clinic.

        Watch these almost 100 calls made to planned parenthood clinics:

    1. 5. Abortion is only 3% of the Services Planned Parenthood Supposedly Provides – Crazy Math

    6.  Stem Cell Research is critical to medical science
    It’s not.  There are alternatives to stem cell research [58)

7.  It’s not right for the government to tell a woman what to do with her body.

The government has always told people what they can and cannot do with their bodies.  I cannot arm myself with a deadly object and hurt someone.  It’s called murder, rape, assault, abuse, etc…  The government’s job is to step in when I use my body in a way that is hurtful to another.