I know the title of this post could be silly or serious and maybe we all need a little bit of both.  But unfortunately this one is a bit more serious as for the times we are in.  And something that I feel has been impressed upon me for the last week.

It’s possible that as the world increases in chaos that the issue of rape continues to grow.  I may be wrong but I just think it’s possible.

Anyway, I was dwelling on a key aspect of this Biblical account of rape:  It’s important for the woman to scream for help.


I think there’s a primal instinct in a man to battle and conquer.  Unfortunately weak men full of lust will tend to choose women who in most cases, have less physical strength than men–an easy, cheap win for a feeling of power.  A women should resist and fight back with vigor and try to escape, but this is not enough.

When a woman yells loudly for help, it is a huge turn off.   It puts that man on the defensive and is a huge aggravation to his evil intent.

Women. Yell for help.  Loudly.  This is Biblical and it is wise beyond just calling for help.

And who knows.

Maybe a man of righteous courage is near.